About Us

We are Chris & Vicki Jarvis. We had always wanted to own a house with land so we could have a bit of ‘The Good Life’ vibe. We could never agree on where to go, but then we started to visit Pembrokeshire and fell in love with the area.

The decision was made and we started looking at properties. However, everyone else had the same idea due to the coronavirus pandemic. Properties were being bought up before we could even view them and it was not looking good for the move we had always dreamed of.

Then one day, scrolling through Facebook I came across ‘Thorny Bush’ listed for sale. I nearly didn’t book a viewing but everything was selling so quickly at the time and we had sold our cottage in Oxfordshire. We had to get a move on!

As we pulled up in front of the house on a beautiful sunny July day, I was shocked as it looked so much nicer than in the photo’s. (Which is not the norm from my previous house viewing experiences!) We walked around the gardens and fields and my only question was ‘When can we move in?’

We moved in at the end of October 2020 and even though it was new to us, it felt like we had been living here for ever. It was quite difficult for Harry starting a new school, then back into lockdown but he has been amazing. 

Pembrokeshire Holiday - About Us

Time to get started...

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Spring arrived and it was time to start our project of building a cabin, well first we had to remove the old sheds.

We wanted to reuse as much of the old buildings as possible so we used the sleepers to form the edge of the flower bed behind the cabin, the tin roof sheets are being used on a new project , the blocks went in to form the base.

We had originally thought about building a glamping pod but one idea lead to another and now we have ‘The Hive’.

We welcomed our first guests the second week of June 2021 and to our delight they loved the Hive as much as we did.

Slightly ahead of schedule in September 2021 we had our second cabin installed.

We have been so fortunate to have hosted so many lovely guests, with many returning several times each year.

It is important to us that our guests to have a good base for their holiday. We want them to feel relaxed and as if they are in their own homes.


There is always something for us to do at Thorny Bush. Weeding seems to be the biggest ongoing job! However we have several projects in the planning stage and looking forward to the next twelve months.

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place and look forward to welcoming all of our new guests.

Chris & Vicki