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Thorny Bush is situated on the outskirts of Ludchurch near Narberth.

We recommend that you approach Rosemary Lane from the Ludchurch village end – see map below.

Your Sta Nav might try and tell you to do a U turn on the A477 to turn down Rosemary lane from there….ignore her!  Our driveway is too steep from this direction to get in.

Come down the A477 and turn left towards Ludchurch (where she tells you to make the U turn) , follow the road and turn right by ‘Simply Milk’.  This road gets narrow in parts so watch out for the oncoming traffic – some will not give way!

You will go past Little Kings Park on the left hand bend, keep going and Rosemary Lane is the next turning on the right.  Keep your eyes peeled as it is very narrow and immediatley next to a house.  

Come down the lane and keep an eye out for the traffic cone on the right hand side and then you have reached us.

Please note that the lane is narrow and should you meet oncoming traffic, find a suitable passing area as there is a ditch either side of the road – which you may not see during the summer months.